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In past years, the product was developed for a specific culture, a specific market need and a niche demand profile. Invisible borders are used to separate companies from large untouched segments, mainly due to the lack of language translation services.

The decision-making cycle that the marketer used to attract the customer had clearly defined areas in the diagram. The stage of attracting attention was full of information and attractiveness. Later in this cycle, persuasion led to action, or necessity became the buying decision.

Then something unexpected happened. Internet has arrived. The renaissance in business redefined politics. Geography was shocked. Technology, armed with a mobility revolution, has become the new common denominator and has suited everyone around the world. muama enence sofortübersetzer language translation services have become ubiquitous.

Thus, the packaging of oatmeal made in the United States is a considerable batch intended for Americans. Anyone can open it next week after they leave the factory. This “anyone” can be a client from Germany, France, Holland or Asia: while this new client can read what is written on the package. Or long before what the site or application of this brand says. This is where the brand can reduce the pursuit of an important factor and move closer to new segments.


The decision life cycle is now more complex, but more insightful than ever. Identification of needs can occur when a person browses a website. Interest in obtaining additional information can be activated at any time by clicking on the application, online marketing message or on a line read somewhere in the circle of social networks. That is why language takes on a meaning that has never been seen before. It appears anywhere on the PLC (product life cycle) graph and is the only tool that quickly bridges the gap in “need to convince”.

So far, a person can understand the marketing trigger, product message, leadership, social alert, program footnote; The seller’s job is becoming easier and faster than has been possible so far. Language translation allows this conversion. This allows the seller to radically bridge the gap between ignorance and brand loyalty.

Translation experts are expanding capabilities by completing the bits of a new era strategy. They can hire and hire professionals wisely and strategically, whether it is a translation into German into English, a French aisle or a Japanese website. Language is no longer a means of content, but also a lever that can completely change the marketing dynamics for brands that can be applied and take advantage of.


Language can be a pretty compelling advantage that can equip brands in an unprecedented way. If approached wisely and carefully planned, this may be the difference that makes the brand quickly attract attention and convince of the effectiveness. With careless handling, this can be the opposite force.